Icons of Australia: 'Cute Koalas'

Oct 12, 2016 | Camping, Nature | 0 comments

Cute Koalas – Really?

This audio recording will disprove the notion that cute koalas are perfectly cuddly and charming.

Regular readers of Yoga with Eve Grzybowski will notice that my usual yoga emphasis has gone by the boards while I’ve been traveling for the last four months. To be more accurate,yoga has not been supplanted, but just bumped sideways for a time. I’ve fallen in love with being on the road, and I’ve been impassioned by the raw beauty of this my adopted country. 

Finally, after 40 years of living in Australia, I’ve seen some iconic landscapes. I’ve stood right at the edge of the Gulf of Carpentaria. I’ve swum in the gorges of Nitmiluk (Katherine). Remarkably, I’ve seen Uluru when it was spouting waterfalls. I discovered that the Great Ocean Road was every bit as magnificent and great as I’d heard .

As part of my Aussie love affair, I finally had a chance to meet a koala or two or three face-to-face and up-close-and-personal.

Koala Acrobatics

Here’s a little film we made of a little acrobatic critter, taken in Cape Otway, Victoria. 


For more information than you ever needed or wanted about Koalas, you could click here, here or here. They are fascinating animals.  I loved getting to know them a little bit better.


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