Ultimate Nature and the Ultimate Camping Pack-Up

Sep 1, 2016 | Camping, Nature | 2 comments


Ultimate Nature

‘Ultimate’ is a term bandied around these days in an effort to impress, the word meaning the finest of its kind. Meaning none better. Meaning superior.

New as I am to being on the road, I’m observing for the first time how many motor homes, caravans, and trailers there are. And probably many of them have the word ultimate appearing in their advertising.

So I write this post at the risk of being somewhat hyperbolic as I describe the beautiful camp settings of the Northern Territory and say they are the ultimate.

We are now travelling through a very underpopulated area–just 248,000 people in one-sixth of the land mass of Australia. I recommend you come see for yourself whether I’m exaggerating about the extraordinary beauty of the N.T. icons.Places like Katherine Gorge, Mataranka Springs, the East and West MacDonnell Ranges, and of course, Uluru. (You know you’ve been thinking about visiting these places, haven’t you? Just do it!)

Even before we’ve left, I’m dreaming about returning. I would love to deepen my relationship with the flora, wildlife, jagged ranges and monolithic rocks.

To tempt you further, have a look at the photos in our audio/video recording below.

The Camper Trailer Pack-Up

Photo of our ultimate camper trailer

It’s audacious, I know, but if the truth be told, our little camper trailer sports the brand name ‘Ultimate’.

Is it?

Well, it is cool and cute and suits us to the ground for our four-month odyssey. But ultimately, it’s just a vehicle to get us from here to there.

Enjoy watching us packing up our ‘Ultie’ in less than a minute.


  1. Loved watching and listening to you guys do your thing with the ultimate! So great to know where you are in your travels! Thanks for sharing all of this. XO

    • We’re having a great time, Amy. Have you seen all of this area of the red centre?


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