The Road to Alice: A Perfect Place to Do Yoga

Aug 22, 2016 | Outback Australia: Recorded | 2 comments

I never expected in coming to Alice Springs to be able to do a Saturday morning Iyengar-style yoga practice.

But maybe I should have because I got to meet up with a beautiful old yoga connection here: Kirsty Robertson.

I met Kirsty in 1989/90 when she enrolled for a prototype for a yoga teacher training that I was running. She was 20. Now, she’s the age I was when I was teaching her back in the day. And her gorgeous daughter is about the age that Kirsty was.

What makes me happy is that yoga still is a vital part of Kirsty’s life and that it is something she shares with many others…including the little group of practitioners I did yoga with on Saturday.


And now, I want you to see and hear our latest road trip recording–the approach to Alice on the Stuart Highway. Tell me what you think!


  1. So wonderful to see the yoga connection in action!
    I met beautiful Kirsty and Ruby when Ruby was a few months old with my daughter Pearl who was also a baby. We joked about our gem babies. When our paths crossed later in life Kirsty shared her love of yoga but I didn’t know she had studied with you Eve. I was just beginning my teacher training at the time. Our paths are less likely to cross now as our mutual connection, Ruby’s grandmother on her father’s side has recently moved overseas. But I’ll always remember Kirsty’s gentle, calm nature and Ruby as a very special girl.


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