Yoga at Sunrise, A Cold Beer at Sunset

Aug 20, 2016 | Travel | 2 comments

Yes, I do occasionally have a beer. Especially when the conditions are ripe for it. For instance, Northern Territory winter arvos with sunsets to live for.

On occasion, I’ve been driven to drink a beer at the end of the day by the rigours if long distance driving along with the 30 degree plus dry heat.

What was it that W.C. Fields said? ‘It was a woman who drove me to drink, and I’m eternally grateful.’

So that you can come along for the ride, here’s the second instalment of my audio blog for which Daniel has created a nice little ‘movie’ of our latest pics.

Let me know what you think.


  1. It looks still and beautiful where you are and you both sound very relax. Have an everlasting experience. Enjoy the journey. Travelling us about the moving how ever slow or fast; not about arriving.

  2. Gorgeous. Great shots you take. Makes me want to leap into it. And you two are looking GOOD. It’s def agreeing with you. Might feel like being confined to quarters when you get back here! xxxxx


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