Making a New Year Fresh

Dec 28, 2015 | Being a writer, The Life we Lead | 1 comment


‘Happy New Year’ is an old phrase. Perhaps it is perfunctory. What does it mean to you? Does it create an expectation for you of having to be happy for a whole year? Or, even simply having to feign happiness for a New Year’s Eve Party. 

What is ‘new’ anyway? We hear the expression, ‘There’s nothing new under the sun.’ What is new in your world?

A friend of mine came up with a wonderful project of uploading to Facebook an original photo each day for a year. I’ve been charmed by the way Ali Haig’s collaboration* with nature and found objects reveals something new. Something awesome in the old interpretation of this word, that is, inspiring wonder. At the heart of what Ali does is mindfulness practice–looking and seeing newly.


This ramble is by way of saying that I’m excited to be offering you a new version of my blog ‘Yoga Suits Her’ from January 1, 2016. My husband Daniel has spent a good portion of this year learning web design and creating some beautiful work. Have a look at some of  Collyn River’s websites, for instance, to see the sort of thing that Daniel does. He’s promised to change the look of my site to something different, something unexpected, something that might inspire looking and seeing newly.

In anticipation of the launch of my new version ‘Yoga Suits Her’, I would like to hear from you about what sort of content you’d like to see on this blog. The possibilities are endless, really, and they don’t have to be strictly about yoga. So far, my 1130 posts have included ones about teacher training, yoga practice, the Sutras, anatomy, yoga sequences, community, age, living in the country and more.

What are you interested in? What inspires you? And, what would help you see your world with renewed wonder?

I don’t know what my project for the coming year is going to be.  Not yet.  I’m open to change and I’m open to suggestion.  Please share your thoughts and see what we can create together.



*Collaborate with the natural world to create an ephemeral work using only that which is found or left behind for 6 minutes or 60, once a day for one year 


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  1. Hi Eve; Thanks for this post… I was thinking about your hip replacements the other day for some reason. I was wondering if you had any thoughts about what went through your mind as you became aware that your hips were needing replacing? I’m 57 and know that I often feel a tad ‘guilty’ for the ageing of my body, somehow relating that to the fact that ‘I do yoga, I teach yoga, and I am embarrassed that my body is still wearing down’. Did you have similar thoughts? How did you greet the news that your hips needed replacing? Thanks and best wishes Cherise


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