Summer Solstice Yoga: A Specialised Practice

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Summer solstice yoga--baddha konasana in a hammock

Baddha Konasana Hammockasana

Chill out at the Summer Solstice

Because the solstice occurs just twice a year, it is a special event. That means it deserves a specialised yoga practice.

In the southern hemisphere, we’re approaching the summer solstice. The living is easy, breezy and expansive. You just naturally want to be out of doors. Even better if you can have an ocean dip.

The other night the prospect of a beach picnic called to us. So, Rick, Heather, Daniel and I headed for the park at Old Bar for a feast of fish and chips and beer. We were committed to wresting the most pleasure from a long lazy summer evening.

Many Australians are finishing up work now and, as a result, exhaling a deep sigh of relief. Most of us, I would say, will be getting ready to enjoy holiday reunions and celebrations with family and friends. With more free time, it’s a simple thing to fit in a leisurely yoga practice–providing you can stay cool.

Best holiday practice 

Has this busy season with its end-of-year parties and congenial connections taken its toll on your body and your mind? Then, I have just the right yoga practice for you.

Here’s a program of seven poses that includes meditation and relaxation. 

Start off sitting in Sukhasana or Virasana (simple cross-leg or kneeling pose) for 5-10 minutes to centre yourself.

Img_3105 2

Salami Balasana (supported child’s pose) for 5 minutes

Img_3129 2

Salami Bharadavajasana (belly down twist) for 3 minutes each side


Supta Baddha Konasana (supported bound angle pose) for 5-10 minutes

Supta baddha konasana

Savasana 1 (with chair and bolsters) for 5-10 minutes

Chair savasana

Viparita Karani (legs up the wall) for 5-10 minutes

Viparita karani

Savasana 2 (supported side-lying) for 5-10 minutes

Side lying savasana

As the sun reaches its zenith, stay cool with this sequence and regenerate your body and soul!


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