A Day of Partner Yoga and Hands-On Adjustments

Sep 8, 2014 | Yoga practices, Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga teaching  | 1 comment

I’ve been thinking for a while of putting on a partner workshop. When I was first learning to be a yoga teacher, the other trainees and I would practice together. It was fun and brought out our creativity, sometimes leading us to design new ways of doing old poses. Also, because we were working with the resistance or support of another person’s body, we found we could go deeper or further into a pose.
For a while partner yoga was popular. Then I don’t know what happened. I heard that there was a dictum that came down from on high that partner yoga was not pure or that it was not safe or… I don’t know what. I stopped doing and teaching partner work for some years, but not completely.
Partner yoga, when it is included in a general class, has some distinct benefits. It can alleviate the mood of a yoga practice when it’s become too intense or serious. It also introduces a bit of a social connection with others in the class, a chance for you to connect with someone you don’t know, for instance.
The main advantage to doing partner work, though, is that you are likely to experience a pose in a way that you weren’t able to access before. You then can you embody what you learned and replicate it when you do the pose on your own.
When doing partner yoga and physical adjustments in the spirit of connection and honouring another person, we are practising Ahimsa. This is one of the highest yoga precepts – that of non-harming, of being sensitively respectful to ourselves and others.
Come participate in a partner yoga workshop at the Yoga Shed, and, as well, join in for a session on yoga adjustments.


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  1. Ohhhh Eve… I’ve been wanting to do these kind of workshops for ages… and the thought of doing them in “the shed” sounds delightful!! Alas I have commitments in Melb for that weekend!! Can you please put me on your list for the next time it’s on!
    Warm wishes and Namaste


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