Self-Care: We Yoga Teachers Are the Worst

Aug 4, 2014 | Restorative | 0 comments


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We underestimate the time needed to rest

I taught a Restorative Workshop yesterday in the Yoga Shed for 12 participants. The students came from all over, expecting me to deliver the goods. That is, everyone wanted to leave feeling renewed. I truly hope that people went away feeling peaceful and rested.

This morning after my yoga practice and then cleaning the house, I felt satisfied that I’d done a good job of teaching the workshop. I also felt very tired. Very tired.

I gave the students a few quotes that summed up the necessity for taking care of ourselves, our energy levels. Here’s some that stand out for me today.

What we are choosing to do in life is everything!

Saying ‘no’ is simply saying ‘yes’ to other things. (My well-being, for instance.)

Teacher: Heal Yourself!

Do you think that I’m following my own advice? Hardly! I’m cleaning, blogging and teaching. This is in the face of feeling like I should just find a sunny spot to sit in and read The Goldfinch (excellent, by the way).

Incorrigible, really.

Here’s the good bit. I’m aware that I’m not resting. I’m even being self-revealing about it. I know I’m capable of doing nice things for myself. Last week after I got an all-clear result from the Breast Screen Assessment clinic, I bought myself a little present.

I do think that we yoga teachers are better at caring for other people than for ourselves. Perhaps, like you, I just like being of service. I could be a tad better at serving myself, though.





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