I’ve just finished my stint of teaching in the Byron Bay Yoga Therapy Course, which will continue until next week.
My contribution to the course is in the area of “Working with the Older Client”, i.e., what are the complaints of the Aged and how can yoga help.
Even though the above photo of the group shows us behaving like silly mugs, these trainees are very inspiring. Yogis decide to train as teachers because of a huge love of yoga. When they take the next step in their professional development – training as a yoga therapist – they are often cultivating a broader, deeper vision of yoga teaching. This vision will undoubtedly involve healing themselves as well as the student or client.
These enthusiasts pictured above will express their vision in areas of mental health, medicine, pre-and-post natal, the fitness industry, in community building, and more.
I can’t think of a better ‘job’  than sharing my love of yoga, my skills and experience, with those who will pay it forward. I’m indeed blessed!


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