The Burgeoning Field of Yoga Therapeutics

Jun 2, 2014 | Age, Yoga practices, Yoga teaching , Yoga Therapy | 2 comments

Chest-opener (after hip replacement)

Chest-opener (after Hip Replacement)

Tomorrow I’m heading off to the yoga capital of Australia, Byron Bay.
I’m part of the faculty of a Yoga Therapy course that is run annually at this time of year over the course of 12 days.
My particular contribution to the course is in the area of Yoga for the Aged, which it would seem I am qualified to teach by dint of my advanced years and experience!
I thought it fitting to contribute a-therapy-pose-a-day to “Yoga with Eve Grzybowski” this week in case you are interested in seeing what some of these poses look like. And, so you can see what is on offer in a Yoga Therapy program.
The pose below is a supported version of the backbend Purvottanasana which I found particularly helpful in my recovery from hip surgery. But, it would be also useful as a counter posture to long hours of desk work, as well as for a  very kyphotic (stooped) upper back. You can see how this way of doing purvottanasana stretches and opens the heart, lungs and digestive organs. Yet it takes no effort.
Supported purvottanasana

Supported Purvottanasana

Here’s an explanation of yoga therapy and what a yoga therapist is.


  1. Oh to see that is a big help for me right now. I teach an 85 yr old lady who struggles getting up and down off the floor. This will be great. Thanks Eve. Enjoy your course. M xo

    • Hi Maryann, there’s a great book called “A Chair for You”, I believe. All poses done without having to get up and down to floor…. Namaste!


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