Inspiring Each Other

Aug 18, 2013 | Community, Yoga practices | 0 comments

“From just one spark we can create one fire. And from one fire we can create one light. From that one light, we create vision and that vision is how we share just one spark. Inspire all those around you.” – Josh Blatter

Do ever have a day when you don’t have time to scratch your nose?
What is it that makes such a day enlivening versus enervating? I wish I knew for sure because then I would have my hands on a winning formula.
I’m going to venture a guess.
I think that what creates energy is participating.
Here’s a bunch of us participating in the kick-off session of the Taree Indian Film Festival – a yoga class at the Manning Regional Art Gallery:

- inspiring each other

I thank Daniel, Michael and all the people who attended my art gallery session.
I also appreciate the students who attended the class I taught at Wallabi Point this afternoon:
Yoga at wallabi
I feel blessed that I’ve been able to make the move from Sydney to the mid-north coast to discover a whole new community who love and enjoy yoga as much as I do!


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