The (Not So) Sad Case of the Disappearing Blog Post

Jul 24, 2013 | Being a writer | 0 comments

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Yesterday a post that I wrote titled ‘Families of Yoga Poses: Seated Poses’ disappeared from my site, who knows why. I’d nothing differently. I’d performed each of the steps I usually do, as in saving my draft writing, and then clicking on ‘publish’.
An odd thing happened next. Even though the post was showing up as unpublished, it had in fact been mailed out to subscribers. Then, in an attempt to fix this pesky ‘Yoga Suits Her’ bug, my husband accidentally broke the site. It vanished, all three and a half years’ worth of writing.
Well, as you can see, Daniel, with the help of our blog host’s back-up, has retrieved the site.
Here’s the strangest thing of all – I wasn’t upset. In the past, I’ve been terribly annoyed when I lost a single post. Actually, I’ve been irritated whenever my blog site hasn’t done my bidding. You may have experienced what I’m talking about in situations unrelated to computers or blogs – when you’re kids don’t do what you say, or, if you’re a yoga teacher, when your students don’t follow your directions.
I’ve discovered a helpful technique to water down big reactions to events that are out of my control. It’s to put them in a larger context.
Today, when my blog temporarily disappeared into cyberspace, I was thinking about my dear friend’s sister who is terminally ill and probably close to death. She’s a year younger than me and was hoping to enjoy the retirement phase of her life, after raising kids and working for many years.
Another friend in his eighties is in a rather steep decline from Alzheimer’s disease. His wife mourns his loss even while he is still alive.
A couple of relatively young Yoga Shed students whose husbands are incapacitated struggle each day as they try to raise their kids, manage finances and be there for their partners.
Losing a post or even a whole blog site isn’t in the same domain as these difficulties, and not compared with the sorts of challenges billions of people face in their lives on a daily basis.
At the same time, I’m glad this blog is back and grateful to my computer guru 🙂
Oh, and if anyone happens to find my missing post, could you please send it this way?


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