You Never Know, and That's a Good Thing

Jul 7, 2013 | Nature | 1 comment

A news bulletin just appeared on my computer regarding a surfer who was knocked unconscious by a whale today. He had been in a group surfing at Bondi Beach when a whale (‘big as a bus’) showed up. Surfers and whale played together for a while until a frolicsome flip of the tail turned the fun turned serious, and sent one of them to the hospital.
I guess if you are a surfer, you can expect unusual events to happen from time to time.
For reasonably sedentary types like me, I have to consciously create adventures and intentionally venture into new territory. This last week, Daniel and I discovered the relatively isolated Kattang Nature Reserve with its stunning vertical cliffs and rock platforms just north of the sleepy hamlet of Laurieton. Ironically, we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled to see migratory whales off the mid north NSW coast, but obviously we were in the wrong place.
I guess if you expect to see something happen and it does, then it doesn’t really amount to an adventure. On the other hand if you let go of expectations then everything can be new territory.

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  1. Or simply a miracle.. 😉


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