When Your Back Needs Rebooting – Restorative Yoga

Jun 23, 2013 | Healing, Health, Yoga practices, Yoga Therapy | 0 comments

Sometimes my body does my bidding without complaint, and other times she is just 68-years old cranky.
After 2-1/2 hours of weeding, shovelling, and mulching in the garden, my lower and upper back and hips were demanding some nice treatment.
Thank goodness I had a few of these restorative poses up my sleeve. Even better that they worked a charm!

Upside-down savasana

upside-down savasana

Reclining belly twister

Reclining Belly Twister

Lateral stretch

Lateral Stretch

Baddha konasana with 2 bolsters

Baddha Konasana with 2 bolsters


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