April 2013

Inconvenient Convenience

Inconvenient Convenience

I was talking on skype today to my sister who’s about 10 years older than I. There are any number of things in her life that she’s have trouble dealing with, one of them being bureaucracy. At her advanced age, she has to have more and more of these sorts of bureaucratic transactions, with health funds and inconvenient government departments.
I’m willing to listen to her complaints up to a certain point because I imagine myself in her place. […]

Work Begets Work

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I was forced to be off-line through the day today (Monday), when I usually write two blog posts.
I didn’t know what to do with myself.
I could have gone for a swim at the beach. Or phoned  a friend to have coffee. Or, pulled out this month’s book club selection and curled up for a good read.
But I did none of the above. […]

One for Your "Back Saver" File

One for Your "Back Saver" File

Several years ago I did a workshop with a well-known Sydney physiotherapist who was a practitioner of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. She schooled us in how to assess ourselves for any back problems we might be suffering. […]

Side Wise

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This week I came up with a sequence I enjoy doing and teaching. The theme is all about stretching the sides of your body, particularly hips, waist, rib cage, shoulder blades and arms.
Somewhere along my yoga travels, I heard an expression that I like: ” the sides of our bodies are the lonely parts”. I get that. If you think of all the ways a body can move – bending forward, backward, rotating – then, sideways bends are most unfamiliar movements. […]

What's the Invisible Ingredient That Yoga Schools Offer?

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I think yoga schools miss the crucial bit of information in their advertising that explains why yoga class attendance can be so enticing. It’s not because of building a body beautiful. And not because all stresses will be dissolved in the arms of savasana (yoga relaxation) at the end of each class. And, it’s not even because any annoying ailments or injuries with which you arrived will miraculously be cured by doing yoga postures.
The thing that is so enrolling about good yoga schools is invisible, in a way. […]

Practice Makes Pleasure

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I can tell when students in my classes have taken up doing home practice. I’m such an old hand at figuring this out that I can even guess at how many practices a week they do.
What is it that gives them away? Well, these students are continuously improving in their poses. How quickly they evolve is in direct relationship to how much personal practice they do.
Another thing is the high level of attention these yoga practitioners have when they attend classes. […]

If You Can't Say Something Nice

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I felt like not posting tonight. I thought I didn’t really have anything to say. I went on the internet to find some inspiration (above), but it wasn’t quite it.
Then, I realised there were things I didn’t want to say… in a public forum.
Sometimes it has to be all right not to say important things. It might end up like serving an underdone meal.
So, I’m letting this stuff cook a little more until it’s ready. […]

Do You Have a Guru?

Do You Have a Guru?

I have a guru. One who I didn’t actively seek out as a teacher.
He happens to be my husband. He’s a perfect guru, too. You know someone who throws you back on your own resources and holds a mirror up to you so you can see your own reflection.
Most people don’t like to look in the mirror and I’m no exception. However, how else are you going to see how beautiful you are?
In December last year Daniel suggested a sponto* trip to South Island, New Zealand. […]