back stretch
Years ago when I opened my north shore yoga studio, I ran a couple of beginners courses so I could start the slow process of developing a whole new core of students.
I’ve done this a few times, starting all over in a new location – training up a new crop. After Beginners 1, the students graduate to Beginners 2, and eventually may go on to intermediate, advanced, and even teacher training.
For some students, their first contact with yoga is a revelation. The light comes on, the darkness disperses and they’re in for the long haul.
There were two young women in that first beginners group who I remember well, not particularly for their posture prowess, but because of their love for bolsters.
It was like an infatuation, so much so that they had to have their own bolsters to use at home. They joked that, since they had no current boyfriends, they would name their bolsters: Bazza and Gazza (nicknames in Australia for Barry and Gary).
You might be enjoying your own love affair with bolsters and perhaps have your own pet ones at home. If so, try the pose above which is an effective and relaxing back stretch. It can be done with plain old pillows or cushions if you are yet to purchase a bolster. And, if you don’t have a wooden bench like the one pictured, you can do the stretch on a dining room table. The height can be adjusted by having a rolled mat under your feet.
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