What's the Invisible Ingredient That Yoga Schools Offer?

Apr 9, 2013 | Community, Health, Pleasure, XCommunity, Yoga teaching  | 0 comments

- what's the invisible ingredient that yoga schools offer?

I think yoga schools miss the crucial bit of information in their advertising that explains why yoga class attendance can be so enticing. It’s not because of building a body beautiful. And not because all stresses will be dissolved in the arms of savasana (yoga relaxation) at the end of each class. And, it’s not even because any annoying ailments or injuries with which you arrived will miraculously be cured by doing yoga postures.
The thing that is so enrolling about good yoga schools is invisible, in a way. It happens over time, but doesn’t even take that long.
It makes you feel good about yourself, the school, the teachers, and yoga.
You encounter it in other domains in your life, potentially many of them. And, this special thing gives meaning, purpose, and direction.
I was thinking about this special thing as I was teaching my class yesterday evening in the Yoga Shed, as I watched people chatting at the beginning of the session, setting up their mat-stations.
I was thinking about it as I (apparently) lost control of the group at various junctions when amusing comments were made – some by myself, some by others – demonstrating the importance of levity in yoga teaching.
I especially noticed it at the end of the class, when people slowly, peacefully roused themselves from savasana, then sat with hands in namaste and connected in the spirit of good will, silently.
Of course the thing I’m talking about is community and being a yoga family.


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