March 2013

Musings from the Blogosphere

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I have an author/illustrator friend who is about to launch himself into the blogosphere. When that event happens, his blog is one that you will definitely want to visit, and I’m anticipating sharing his address with you.
I’ve read that blogs are passé. If I believed that, I would feel sad, so I choose not to acknowledge that theory. […]

Community By Design

Community By Design

Who are these people and why are they appearing on my yoga blog?
These are two of my housemates, Rick and Heather, and my husband, Daniel. […]

The Mind: There Be Monsters

The Mind: There Be Monsters

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Since I’ve been practising mindfulness meditation over the last few weeks, I’ve come to appreciate what an incessant thought machine my mind is. (Well, appreciate is probably the wrong word.)
At the best of times, I notice a certain entertainment value in the thoughts my mind spins out. […]

Well-liked, Sought After and Good For You

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Do you ever stop to think what makes yoga so popular? If you’re a teacher, it’s a great question to ask because you can then provide what students want.
Styles of yoga seem to hold appeal according to your age or stage of life. Hot, sweaty, music-fuelled yoga might suit a younger demographic… slower-paced, prop-supported for the older crowd, perhaps.
A friend of mine has a theory that yoga teachers attract students who are close to their age – specifically in a bracket of 10 years younger and 10 years older. […]

Funks Come and Go

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I got up on the wrong side of the bed today….
What does that mean anyway? I felt out of sorts, out of kilter, glum.
How did I know that was the case? The first comment out my mouth, Daniel took the wrong way. So naturally I thought he was the one ‘up on the wrong side’.
I did my morning mindfulness meditation anyway, and let myself be in the experience of feeling out of sorts. […]

Living in the Bubble

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I have a relative living in the United States, and I’m afraid she is going to fall through the cracks in the economic system there.
What I mean is that she is 79, renting a small apartment, has six grown kids who either won’t or don’t feel able to support her, and in about a year, she will run out of her meagre savings.
She is working casually in a fast-food business, earning a bit over a hundred dollars a week, with tax taken out. […]

Is Your Mind Too Full? Try Being Mindful

Is Your Mind Too Full? Try Being Mindful

In our household of six, there are three of us who have cottoned onto mindfulness meditation.
Michael started it through his involvement in a course of study he is doing where there is a big emphasis on the importance of mindfulness.
And then, Daniel learned about and practised meditation in a structured nine-week course offered in Taree last year.
Finally after umpteen years of trying to meditate, I down-loaded some of Russ Harris and John Kabat-Zinn’s mindfulness recordings to my iPhone, and climbed aboard the meditation bandwagon.
Now Daniel and I meditate together. […]

The Big Wet

The Big Wet

“If, from time to time, you give up expectation, you will be able to perceive what it is you are getting.”
― Idries Shah, Reflections
Australia is a crazy place to reside climate-wise. We live between drought and flood, cyclone and dust storms, biting arctic winds in the extreme south and near-equatorial heat in the far north.
Our household on Mitchells Island has been under a heavy blanket of rain over the last few days. […]

The Gift of Life

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Do you consider life a gift? I know people for whom life is hard, and, regarding such a gift, they might say, ‘Aw, you shouldn’t have.’ I’ve felt like that at times, but fortunately I don’t now.
Still, what’s a life for? […]