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Mar 12, 2013 | Community, XCommunity | 0 comments

Who are these people and why are they appearing on my yoga blog?
These are two of my housemates, Rick and Heather, and my husband, Daniel. We’ve been engaged in lengthy discussions about the purchase of a new refrigerator and freezer.
There are six of us altogether, living under one big roof that covers three separate suites, plus other areas that we share in common.
We decided 10 years ago to do retirement differently from other 60-year oldsĀ and so we came up with a long range plan for buying a country property, building a house on it, and moving from the city.
Many people think our living situation sounds interesting and intriguing, but can’t imagine doing what we’ve done.
It hasn’t been easy. Imagine all the sacrifices, compromises, and work it took to pull off what we’ve done and still remain the best of friends.
Take this refrigerator/freezer purchase as an example. There were probably a few hours of conversations, measuring, research, and sketches that went into getting to a final decision – which, remarkably, turned out to be a full consensus.
Can you imagine the more weighty conversations we had about where we should purchase our property in the first place, how we were going to manage money, and what sort of house to build?
It’s been a remarkable and rewarding journey. You can read all about it on Heather’s blog.


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