Mitchells Island

In our household of six, there are three of us who have cottoned onto mindfulness meditation.

Michael started it through his involvement in a course of study he is doing where there is a big emphasis on the importance of mindfulness.

And then, Daniel learned about and practised meditation in a structured nine-week course offered in Taree last year.

Finally after umpteen years of trying to meditate, I down-loaded some of Russ Harris and John Kabat-Zinn‘s mindfulness recordings to my iPhone, and climbed aboard the meditation bandwagon.

Now Daniel and I meditate together. Who would have thought?

I love these guys’ audio recordings. How can you not love someone who says gentle, loving, plainspeak things like this:

The real meditation is how you live your life…. Mindfulness takes a lot of practice. Lots of it….Try it for a few weeks. It grows on you.

What am I getting out of the experience? So far: putting things in perspective and getting to the heart of the matter, whatever the matter in the present moment is.  I think that’s very cool for starters, but, hey, I’m just a beginner.



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