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Feb 26, 2013 | City Life, Nature, Yoga practices | 0 comments

Sometimes you have to wake yourself up so that you realise you are living your Dream.
When I lived in fast-paced Sydney, I was too busy to get out into Nature because of running a city yoga centre. I desperately wanted to be living at the beach, to walk on it every day, to be surprised by what washed up from the surf or down from the river.
Here I am and there are truly wondrous sights at our mid-north coast beaches.
Today at low tide at Old Bar, there were these boys and their construction. The oldest one said, when asked what they were doing, ‘We just wanted to build something.’
Of course, what they built is as delicate and ephemeral as a Buddhist sand mandala. It’ll be gone by high tide, right about now.
So, what is meditation if not catching a ride on a thermal? Here’s Alexa describing what it is for her:

Yoga is the easing of the fluctuations of the mind. It is not about eliminating the activities of the mind; it is rather about riding them like a wave.
I decide to paddle into a wave (like deciding to practice yoga) to see where the wave is moving to, in which way the face of the wave builds up and then to intuitively adjust the angle of my board, my focus, breath and body posture to playfully fuse with its energy. I decide to paddle with and into the wave to move forward, upward, downward, below and above. To live. It happens during the ride when I feel complete and in perfect union. When moments become timeless and eternal. Where everything is nothing, sorrows are joy, noise is silence and separation is union.


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