A Sutra a Day: IV-30 – You’re the One to Set You Free

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One of the students from my Patanjali study group has inspired me. He was talking about his week and how he struggled to free himself from making judgments about people. Another student set himself a goal of staying focussed as he did a bricklaying job, realising that it was only possible for him to stay  continuously attentive for the briefest of time.
We in the group have all been grappling with the basic Sutra that define yoga and are at its heart, such as, ‘yoga is to still the patterning of consciousness’.
The truth is that we are not likely be able to live a skilful life unless we understand our minds and bring them under control.
As I get near to the completion of my daily blogging with ‘Mr. P’ (as one student has nicknamed the Old Sage) – just four Sutra remaining after tonight – I can see the value in my pursuit.
I’ve had my time and energy at stake in looking for value in an ancient collection of aphorisms, even when, at times, I couldn’t understand the concepts. Something has come through which is the kernel of the teaching: meditation is to let all that isn’t you fall away.

Tatah kleshakarmanivrittih

Thereafter (arises) freedom from kleshas and karmas.*
*Four Chapters on Freedom, commentary on Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Satyananda Paramahamsa.


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