I’ve been on the road (and away from my Patanjali studies) for a a week now. It’ll be another week before I settle back into my routine – i.e. early morning practice. I’ve done a little asana practice along the way, in the bedrooms and living rooms where we’ve stayed. Not quite the same, though, as my friendly green tin shed at home.
However, I’ve had the delightful experience of re-uniting with old yoga students from 25 years ago who now live in the Kalang Valley (Helen’s painting is below). And, yesterday, catching up with Paula Cross and the group of students who came together for yesterday’s workshop – some of whom I’ve met before.
Next week I’ll see other old yoga friends in Sydney. What is it about these yoga connections that makes them so special? Kindred spirits?
I guess I can only speak for myself but I’d be curious what other yogis think draws them to join with people in yoga and create lasting and special relationships.
I’d say it’s because yoga can be such a powerful experience. Sometimes you’re sharing sweat and tears and frustrations – the stuff of citta vrtti – and that experience can get you right down to releasing the joy and love of who you are.