A Sutra a Day: IV-4 – All Together on 31 December

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 December 31st is an occasion to which many people assign great meaning. It’s not really inherently significant – it’s just another day.  But we seem to agree that the last day of the year signifies an ending and, because we have the opportunity to complete something, that makes it meaningful.
I live in a small community consisting of three couples and for many years we’ve sat down together on New Year’s Eve and shared the accomplishments and sometimes even failures of the previous year. It’s such an interesting exercise to troll through one’s year to acknowledge victories and defeats and then just let them go as a way of emptying out for a new year.
The six of us have contributed so much to each other in our separate-and-together journeys to become conscious individuals. What we have created in terms of a unique living situation, the support in fulfilling projects we are passionate about and just plain enjoyment would have been impossible without each other’s input.
What I love about New Year’s Eve is the way the whole planet will light up with revelry, camaraderie, music, dance and, of course, fireworks. You can see this on television, in your own backyard, or ,as I will, on the banks of the Manning River.
This evening I did a mindfulness meditation practice which reminded me that time is like a flowing river: no water passes your way twice. Moments never pass you by again either, so please, on the cusp of 2013, cherish every moment that life gives you and have a wonderful New Year!
Individual consciousness develops only in contact with another individual consciousness.*
*The Essence of Yoga – Reflections on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Bernard Bouanchaud.


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