A Sutra a Day: III-22 – Final Passage

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Have you ever done a 5Rhythms Dance session? I did several of them when I attended the Burning Man festival a couple of years ago.
What is it? A movement practice set to music for the purpose of connecting with one’s body in a profound way: feet-on-the-ground at the same time as surrendering to an organic beat.
The creator of 5Rhythms, Gabrielle Roth, wanted her method to be a spiritual practice whereby participants enjoyed release in their bodies which in turn would encourage the quieting of mental chatter.
Sounds like good yoga practice, doesn’t it?
Gabrielle Roth was a stand for mind-body integration so that people might awake to their spiritual natures. She said, “If you put the psych in motion, it will heal itself.”
This wise and strong woman had her own spiritual practices put to the test when she was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. You can listen to a free interview with Gabrielle Roth called Dancing with Cancer and hear her insights about health and healing. I can’t recommend this recording highly enough.
After a valiant three-year cancer journey, Gabrielle Roth passed away on October 23rd.

Sopakramam nirupakramam ca karma tat-samyamat-aparanta-jnanam-aristebhyah va

The results of actions may be immediate or delayed. Samyama on this can give one the ability to predict the course of further actions and even his own death.*
*Patanjali’s Yogasutras, Translation and Commentary by T.K.V. Desikachar.


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