I ached to go to the beach today. But I didn’t allow myself. It’s Monday and I had a number of tasks to do:

  1. Yoga practice
  2. Clean house/clean yoga studio
  3. Write post for www.yogaanywhere.net
  4. Post to Facebook YogaAnywhere x 2
  5. Send posts to social media
  6. Pack orders of YogaAnywhere cards for posting
  7. View week 3 video for on-line anatomy and physiology course
  8. Continue painting project for studio
  9. Prepare content for evening class and teach it
See, no time.
I’ve been complaining about all the things I have to do until I got sick of listening to myself.¬†Now, I’ve broken the back of my long list by just by shutting up and doing them.
It’s about choice. Yoga is about remembering that.
Tomorrow – sunny and 24 degrees – and going for a walk on the beach is back on my list.

vitarkabadhane pratipaksabhavanam

Unwholesome thoughts can be neutralised by cultivating wholesome ones.*
*The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, a new translation with commentary by Chip Hartranft.