August 2012

A Sutra a Day: II-31 – Word of Honour

  My stepson married his fiancé two weeks ago and now they are celebrating a rather unusual honeymoon at the ‘art festival’ called Burning Man in the U.S. The couple put together their own vows, which I think all the wedding guests found inspiring to hear. Daniel and I repeat our wedding vows to each other on our anniversary; it’s our way of seeing how we are travelling in our relationship and also to recommit to our promises if we have wavered. I hadn’t thought about the word ‘vow’ for some time until I came across Patanjali’s Sutra II-31. […]

A Sutra a Day: II-30 – A Guide to Good Behaviour

  Sometimes I feel like a bit of a freak in the yoga world and maybe in the world generally. Here are a few reasons why I might be classified as eccentric:I’m not a vegetarian. I love continental cakes. A glass of really good red wine is a special weekend treat. And, I drink 2 cups of coffee a day.I’m on the high side of my sixties and I’ve chosen to live like an ageing hippie with two other couples of my vintage.I love watching great television with brilliant writing. […]

A Sutra a Day: II-29 – 8 Limbs Lead to Freedom

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I’ve been interested in the big picture of yoga for many years. I’m talking about the way the system of yoga thoroughly considers all aspects of a person – you could say, human and even divine.
Tree of yoga is how the structure is described in that it is comprised of eight limbs, listed below.
As a budding yogini, in my twenties, I was only interested in the third limb – asana – the practice of postures. […]

A Sutra a Day: II-28 – Shedding Time

It’s diet time again in our household. If you knew me well, you’d know I don’t need to diet to lose weight, as my husband Daniel and my housemate Rick are attempting to do. However, we have just come through a week-long period of my step-son’s nuptial activities, followed by a week of showing my visiting sister-in-law Sydney-town and Mitchell Island. Food is intrinsic to festivities and socialising. And, often not wholesome food, unfortunately. So, today I got to have my food: fruit for breakfast, steamed vegetables for lunch, and fish, rice and salad for dinner. […]

Puzzling Out Patanjali

Puzzling Out Patanjali

Those of you brave readers who have gone the distance with me as I blog ” A Sutra A Day” have watched me trying to figure out 78 aphorisms to date. Every day I’ve been consulting with seven different translators’ commentaries to arrive at a post that hopefully integrates Patanjali’s pithy wisdom with my life as a country yogini. I’m just a beginning student of the Old Sage, but everyone has to make a start somewhere.
Friends have asked what I’ve been learning in this process.
1. Humility, for one thing. […]

A Sutra a Day: II-27 – Intimacy & Authenticity

  I heard a sad story today about a middle-aged man named David Rakoff who died recently from cancer. Over the years, I enjoyed his comedy contributions to a podcast I listen to regularly called This American Life. What saddened me more than the fact of Rakoff’s death at a relatively young age was that he seemed to have been a tortured soul for much of his life. […]

A Sutra a Day: II-25 – Golden Wisdom

A Sutra a Day: II-25 – Golden Wisdom


I don’t know how people exist without yoga. Really. I’m assuming you are sympathetic to my view if you have been diligent enough to hang in thus far for a daily dose of Patanjali’s Sutra.
Having just had a week away from bucolic peace on our country property and only one yoga practice session in that time, I admit I really, really missed my routine.
I know that subscribing to too strict a regime can make a person rigid, even overly attached, but I love my daily diet of practice, wholesome meals and fresh air. […]

A Sutra a Day: II-24 – Holiday from Yoga?

A Sutra a Day: II-24 – Holiday from Yoga?

I’m taking a little vacation from blogging this week, after today’s post. My husband and I are travelling to Sydney to be available to my step-son before his wedding which is on Saturday. It’s an exciting time. I remember the day Daniel and I wed as one of the happiest days of my life.
Is it possible to take a vacation from yoga. Nah! Not really. Even though, this morning I skipped my early morning practice session, and it’s likely there will be a few more such hiccoughs through the week because of general busy-ness. […]

A Sutra a Day: II-23 – Teacher Training, It Never Ends

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I had breakfast with one of the delightful yoga students whom I’ve met since relocating to the country.
I was afraid that when I left my yoga teaching business of 30 years in Sydney that I wouldn’t develop inspiring relationships in my new locale. By inspiring, I mean that students inspire me as much as the reverse.
This particular lass has been in love with yoga for a long time and is now considering doing teacher training. […]