A Sutra a Day: II-12 – Watering the Garden

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- a sutra a day: ii-12 - watering the garden

Watering the Garden

I was a volunteer at a HAI residential workshop on the weekend and my role was coordinator of the team who did various tasks to lessen the load on the facilitators; basically we worked to make the whole seminar go smoothly.
I guess you could say that these workshops fall into the category of personal development. The almost always involve the participants having breakthroughs and breakdowns, and sometimes the production team does, too. This makes the smooth running of the event unpredictably rocky. Well, that’s to be expected; going from a chrysalis to a butterfly can be very uncomfortable.
I’ve noticed the same bumpy road occurs in yoga teacher trainings. Becoming a yoga teacher is taking on a big responsibility which involves embracing the ethics of yoga, as much as learning techniques of postures. If the fire of teacher training feels to the trainee like she’s dancing on hot coals, it usually has to do with dealing with the arising of mental disturbances that Patanjali calls citta vrtti.
These disturbances orĀ klesa are grist for the mill and will go on for many years even when one is fully qualified for teaching. It’s the very discomfort of changing entrenched patterns that signifies growth. Otherwise the continuous chain of cause and effect we call karma is never interrupted.

Klesamulah karmasayo drstadrstajanmavedaniyah

Acts that stem from mental disturbance leave imprints that always show themselves in some form or other, visible or indivisible.*
*Yoga: Reflections on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Bernard Bouanchaud


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