A Sutra a Day: I:25 – A Nod to Nature

Jun 12, 2012 | Philosophy, XSutras, Yoga practices, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali | 0 comments

Today my early morning practice was appropriately pitched to the weather – surya namaskar – salutes to the sun. It was beautifully warming to do 20 or so salutes, with a mixture of standing poses thrown in halfway through.
Dynamic practice is suitable for these chilly, shall I say miserably wet, days. Heating the muscles penetrates into the internal organs and systems of the body, and will help dispel any accumulated dampness.
The second half of my practice I did forearm balance, handstand, headstand, shoulder stand, and halasana – the mood-enhancing postures.
Midday I was at Old Bar Beach observing a roiling sea and high tide that tamped down any interest I might have had in a beach walk. It mattered not what the elements were. I’d looked after myself earlier in the day in the yogic way, and I just enjoyed the wild view and inhaled the sea spray, before the rain returned.
If we don’t resist, Nature is awesome, in the old sense of the word, a force that reminds us to be in the moment, and, as a perk, she offers us the gift of renewal.

Tatra niratisayam sarvajnabijam

In Isvara there is the seed of limitless omniscience.*
*Four Chapters on Freedom, commentary by Satyananada Paramahamsa

- a sutra a day: i:25 - a nod to nature

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