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May 10, 2012 | Healing, Health | 1 comment

In relatively recent times, I’ve experienced friends and family go through upheavals, such that their lives have been turned upside down. When someone close gets rocked, you feel the aftershocks, too. Suddenly your nose is pushed up against your own vulnerability.
The most recent person to have suffered upset is my sister-in-law who had to undergo major surgery. She and we are grateful that the surgery was successful, that is, life-saving. However, she admits her life has changed irrevocably.
All our lives are changing gradually day by day. That describes the drip, drip, drip of ageing. But for some, a diagnosis of cancer, the suddenness of heart attack, a spouse leaving unexpectedly, or a motor accident, destroy ordinary routines and subvert a comfortable life.
Is there anything to do to prepare for life’s lightning bolts? All that comes to me this moment is to be as complete in my relationships as possible: having friends and family know I love them and being open to receive their love. What else matters? Certainly not fame or fortune weighed against love.

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  1. Yes, VERY true Friend Eve … 🙂
    Poida XX


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