All Endings = New Beginnings

May 8, 2012 | Community | 3 comments

Tonight’s a sad/happy night. Sad because our dear housemates, co-proprietors, and companion travellers on life’s journey are leaving for their native Canada.
Heather and Rick have what many aspire to: a toehold in their homeland and a toehold in their adopted country. Every year when the Aussie autumn chill starts to segue into winter, they fly off to Vancouver Island for the North American summer. Ostensibly, they are there for family but it doesn’t hurt that the weather is at this time mostly clement.
The happiness of today relates to Heather getting her blog and book launched. Heather says:

I’m thrilled to announce that Shedders, my book about our adventures in setting up our “intentional community” here on Mitchells Island, is now off my desk and ready for public viewing.
Here’s the link:
Shedders is being showcased in a serialised format so you can read it in easy instalments.
You may be familiar with our story, but in my book, you can find out where it all started and what adventures happened along the way of our grand plan to live together (warts and all!).

Heather’s book has 2 years of thought, writing and editing in it, and is full of the warmth and inspiration of the author. Lots of people think about writing a book. Heather’s done it. I love the story, but hey, I’m one of the characters.
Here’s us celebrating tonight at The Three Nippers, Diamond Beach. (Maybe iPhone self photos should be banned?)

- all endings = new beginnings

@Diamond Beach Restaurant



  1. Hey You Guys … You Guys !!!
    Can’t wait to read it ALL .. !!!
    Bon Voyage Heather & Rick – have a lovely Vancouverian summer .. :))))))
    Big Luvs,
    Peter XX

  2. Definitely ban web cam shots at restaurants!
    About 5 degrees colder here than on Mitchells Island. Sure hope summer wasn’t cancelled this year.

    • Don’t you worry, Rick. “Winter is coming!” We’re heading for Elands tomorrow night, staying at Telly & Peter’s. It will be chilly!


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