Finding Your Yoga Funny Bone

May 6, 2012 | Humour, Yoga practices, Yoga teaching  | 0 comments

- finding your yoga funny bone


The saying – “You can catch more flies with honey” – is true, and by extension so is, “You can catch more flies with humour”. That’s why we see as many humorous messages in emails and Facebook these days as we do inspiring ones.
People who do a great deal of public speaking know enough to have a funny anecdote or joke up their sleeves to warm up their audiences. It’s no less important for yoga teachers to be able to inject humour into their classes to help students feel at ease and create a warm environment. Being a comedian will of course detract from learning in a yoga class, but when you really¬†get right down to it, doing yoga postures can be seen as inherently funny.
Any head down, bum up position will completely mess with a person’s reality, let’s face it, as will bending over backwards and twisting arms and legs and torso, all at the same time.
I get those who attend my classes to use yoga props, and the ways that students can go off the rails with belts, blankets, chairs and bolsters can often be funny. I’ve seen beginners get entangled in their yoga belts in no time at all. When a student gets their prop in the wrong place, I consider my explanation and demonstration to have missed the mark, rather than that individual being defective. When I was a beginning teacher, I would be annoyed with the student, but I was probably just mad at myself. I’ve learned that it’s at these times that humour can save the day and save face, too.
If you find that humour is not your strong suit, you can go on-line and discover any number of sites to supply you with yoga jokes and sayings to slip into your classes, for instance:

“Blessed are those who are flexible, for they shall never be bent out of shape.” ~ Unknown



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