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Apr 28, 2012 | Community, Wisdom, Yoga practices, Yoga teaching  | 3 comments

- fill your boots

Manly Beach

What a rich day at Yoga Australia’s Unity in Diversity 2012 conference in Manly. Almost 200 delegates, and an amazing kickoff by Mary Keizer, Desikachar teacher of more than 30 years.
Mary spoke about the simple of unfolding of wisdom within each person that occurs when we are aware of the influence of mind and can bring it to stillness. With Mary, the Medium is very much the Message; she is the soul of dedication to yoga practice, the fruits of which are her lucidity and serenity.
Swami Shakarananda from the Shivananda tradition ditched his notes and regaled us with anecdotes of what it was like to be on the Hippy Trail through India in the 70’s. It was an unexpectedly entertaining, albeit off the message which was “The 21st C. Yoga Teacher in the West.” In the Q & A period that followed, I just had to ask him to comment on the huge majority that women represent ¬†in yoga teacher population in the 21st c.. He simple said that women are more intelligent!
My presentation on “Self-Care for the Yoga Teacher” went so well. I was funny and authentic. The best part was the great group I had participating, interacting with each other and discussing the question of yoga teacher burn-out in their own lives.
Now, time for recreation in the form of a movie….


  1. Thanks for filling us in Eve!

  2. Hello Eve,
    During my morning coffee ritual, I thought how much I enjoyed the Yoga Australia Conference and in particular your Masterclass on Saturday.
    Your clearly have so much experience which you passed on to us. You and Mary Keizer stood out for me, its great to have such wonderful inspiring women a few steps ahead of us.
    Thanks for the great handout, which I have sitting beside me as I type this. Today is an asana free day for me as my body regenerates from the weekend.
    Happy Oms,

    • Lovely to hear from you, Sara, and to have your kind words.
      May you enjoy a well-deserved holiday!
      Kind regards,


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