I’ve never complained about it. Maybe it’s even a sort of restraint. But here is the thing: it’s no good trying to do retail therapy in Taree. 

Maybe I’m just a snob, but what’s on offer in our small burg is déclassé, outmoded, and el cheapo.

So, when I go to the big city, some craving emerges from deep down in me that I guess is related to being a shopaholic.

It starts out as simple window shopping but inevitably something catches my eye – a pretty lure seducing the trout to bite. I might likely have to try the thing on, convince myself it’s needed, or even buy it.

The bad news is that shopaholism energy runs counter to the Yama called aparigraha (non-greed), where detached observation should be practiced, rather than impassioned action.

The good news is that currently, on this particular holiday break, I had a shopping list of necessary items, and I’ve pretty well stuck only to my needs.

The top of my list was the purchase of a camera. Tick that box. And now I’m back pointing and clicking. I didn’t realise how much I love taking photos, and my iPhone is friendly but not a great photographic tool.

Here’s a photo taken at MONA without a flash.

MONA Patrons

And, here’s a photo taken with a 35x zoom:

Hobart Industrial

So, watch this space!