Yoga-Free Day

Apr 13, 2012 | Health, Nature, Pleasure, Wisdom, Yoga practices | 2 comments

I recommend a day of the week that is yoga-free. It helps one’s mental flexibility and makes you look forward to picking up your mat again later. For the last month, I’ve been working hard on promoting  YogaAnywhere practice cards as Mother’s Day gifts. Then today, with the brunt of the toil behind me, Daniel and I headed off for a coastal drive. I felt totally like I’d been let out of school. Away from my computer and with no time constraints, we just drove south. In the spirit of full disclosure, I couldn’t resist the pull of the Forster shopping mall, so there was a slight diversion for window shopping. Driving on, we ended up at a beautiful beach in Booti National Park and walked a few kilometres of Seven Mile Beach…

- yoga-free day

Seven Mile Beach

…then headed for Cape Hawke:

- yoga-free day

Cape Hawke Lookout

The remarkable thing about Aussie beaches, when you get out of Sydney, is that there is scarcely anyone on them. This is the height of the school holiday period, on a perfect autumn day, neither too hot, windy or cold, and we were mostly loners on the beach and in the park.

“A holiday is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.”



  1. Hi Eve, 7 mile beach is so beautiful one of my best memories was camping on this beach a very long time ago. We had the whole place to ourselves then too!

  2. We’re blessed to be able enjoy the mid-north country and coast, for sure, for sure. XO E


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