A Yogic Easter

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- a yogic easter


Easter is an autumnal holiday in the Southern Hemisphere, but in the north, Easter is the harbinger of spring. The name Easter is likely derived from the word for the goddess of spring.
Christian religions have taken the season where rebirth and renewal are in the spring air as the time for celebrating the resurrection of Jesus – and all that that event signifies about the redemption of human beings.
I’d say the necessity of redemption would not sit well with Patanjali. The notion implies a need for salvation from sin or evil. The great yoga sage has written about the practice of raja yoga as a way to abide in the stillness and peace of our true nature. No saviour is required to deliver us, only our uncovering or discovering of our essence.
The good news is that there’s nothing we need to believe in. Every keen yogi engages in self-practice and self-study to become Self-realised.
This is not without work. It takes elbow grease to clean windows; nonetheless to work with mindstuff, to still the patterning of consciousness.
In one of my favourite Sutra interpretations, the author, Chip Hartranft, says:

Patanjali unshackles us from the fetters of conventional effort, which largely belongs to the domain of suffering, and instead directs us to the possibility of effortlessness.

Perhaps you have a little time over this 4 day break to pick up your copy of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, especially if it’s a bit dusty, and catch up on the Good Book.


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