Inspiring Yourself

Feb 13, 2012 | Being a writer, Wisdom | 0 comments

Now don’t get me wrong. I have become as dedicated to Facebook surfing as anyone of my vintage (well, maybe that’s not saying much). I enjoy the extraordinary photos, clever jokes, uplifting quotes, and mobilising for social activism that goes on in this milieu. I do.
But I also wonder from time to time, why it is that we are recycling stuff and not creating it newly ourselves. Even admitting that nothing really new under the sun exists, why such dependance on reusing others’ ideas and images. Is it because it’s hard to be our own inspiration?
Having had my say, Shiny Yoga sent me this YouTube link today and I thought it was more than worth the 20 minutes investment of time to watch. In the spirit of sharing, have a look at this Ted Talk, and enjoy.



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