I was very privileged, to participate with 30 other individuals, in the inaugural weekend workshop of Off the Mat, Into the World.
I drove down from our rural paradise on Mitchells Island with the intention expanding my yoga community and discovered that the course delivered that goal and so much more.
The experienced, professional course leaders came over from New Zealand to introduce the work of the organisation to Australia. I can’t do justice to the breadth and depth of what yogis who are involved in OTM get up to in all parts of the world.
But I can say that the insights I received from the weekend were at once personal and universal. I saw that the insecurities and doubts that I have as a human being are similar to those expressed by others over the weekend. And that. somehow when we speak from vulnerability into a safe space, as we had the opportunity to do many times on the weekend, that there is healing and connection.
And power. Our human frailties may always be there to some degree, but nevertheless we can still realise our fondest dreams, particularly with the support and understanding of our fellow travellers.
I see that the weekend course functions both as a homecoming and/or as a launching pad, a place where we can un-cover our Essential Being and from there create the vision of what we want in the world.
I cannot recommend the OTM work highly enough. I’d bet my bicycle you’ll be hearing soon from quite a few of the weekend attendees. In the meantime check out this site, as well as the New Zealand site.