It seems that people who accomplish great things are often characteristically tenacious. It doesn’t matter what domain the dogged ones operate in, they hang in there, and, as a result, become brilliant.

My husband has been steadfast in learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to help promote this blog and our new business, YogaAnywhere. Actually, he’s spent days on this project. In the past he proved himself masterful as a computer programmer, and now he is finding his way around a whole different corner of cyberspace – and apparently loving it.

That’s an important ingredient in perseverance – getting enjoyment out of the learning or activity you’re engaged in. Otherwise resolution will become sour and turn into obduracy and you become as hard-hearted as a stone.

Remembering back to when I first started teaching, my first forays were not altogether successful in terms of bums-on-mats in my classes. It took tremendous staying power in the beginning to keep coming back week after week to small classes when I wasn’t even making a living. One has to calm the citta vrtti and recreate the motivation for practising and teaching. Who knows how long it takes to not only be a good yoga teacher but to be yoga?

I saw this leafy thing smack in the middle of our gravel driveway this afternoon:


On closer view, I was stunned to see it is a rocket planet. Tenacity is inspiring, purposeful, steadfast, works against all odds and is obviously triumphant.

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