December 25, 2011 Mitchells Island

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I can scarcely remember such beautiful weather for Christmas Day as we’ve had today.
I do remember 40 degree-plus Christmases, chilly and drizzly ones, and one year where we were without electricity through the day and night because of nearby bush fires.
We here have cause for celebration.
Happy campers in the grounds at Manning Point are enjoying perfect summer weather, and rain-free.
The Aussie economy is better than most, maybe better than all, never mind about the two-speeds.
It’s peaceful in our neck of the woods. We can’t even complain about the treacherous potholes on our country roads because the Council has made a stab at fixing most of them.
However elsewhere in Australia, there have been frighting storms – Melbourne has been beset by tornados and hailstorms. The description of the aftermath there reminded me of the terrible Sydney hailstorm of 1999.
Worse off still is our neighbour New Zealand. Calling it a hellish year for Christchurch, the news reported earthquakes and aftershocks that have again rocked the city. At least 60 people were injured, water and phone services interrupted, and the airport closed at a time when most people were looking forward to a festive break.
I don’t know if it’s just a function of getting older – perhaps having a bigger perspective – but I have a hard time being completely happy when there are millions of souls on the planet in war zones, in refugee camps and asylum centres, hungry, thirsty, and without shelter.
Maybe Christmas can be infused with the spirit of enclosing all those less fortunate than us in our loving thoughts. Empathy is good. To feel others’ suffering means that we will do what we can to alleviate it.



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