A New Broom

Dec 18, 2011 | Humour, Yoga practices | 1 comment

I live in a little community comprised of three couples. Two of them are in Sydney which makes our country home extra peaceful at the moment.
You’d think I’d be lounging about, reading a novel or the weekend papers. But no, something’s come over me and I’ve been cleaning and tidying. This is the kind of high gear we move into when we know company is coming.
We will have various groups of visitors staying a night or two as they wend their way up the Pacific Highway to Byron, Noosa, or the Woodford festival. However, I’m not washing windows or cleaning spiders webs for them. I’ve voluntarily, and, I dare say happily, slipped into my apron and plastic gloves to take up scrubbing, scouring and sluicing.
I really don’t know what’s come over me. I used to hate this time of year because it meant cleaning all the studio yoga equipment while the school was closed for holidays. Sixty blankets, 30 bolster covers, 25 mats all shlepped to the laundromat. Belts had to be done separately and dingy foam blocks too. Oh, and let’s not forget erasing foot and handprints on the walls and steam cleaning the carpets. It’s all meant to be good for the soul, in the performance of karma yoga and practice of saucha – cleanliness.
Today, and I don’t know how long it will last, I have plenty of energy for the props and house cleaning. This is a miracle for me who customarily carries the martyr’s mantle for anything that has to do with housework. Some of my marriages and relationships were irreparably unhinged by this bad attitude.
Perhaps the good solstice energy is fuelling my transformation? Perhaps yoga really is helping me develop into a nobler person.
I don’t really have to understand why this is happening. But, I do need to get to work.

- a new broom

lateral flexion stretch

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  1. O Eve you crack me up with this one. Totally relate and I know what a good scrubber you are! 🙂 And very happy to note the new clock on kitchen wall after the one we wrecked last summer…..XO Katey D in Newie


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