It’s the height of Australian summer and I’m convinced that this is such a crazy time because the end of year vibe is so expansive. The morning daylight wakes us up earlier and earlier each day. The evenings, even with rainy, cloudy, cool conditions we’ve experienced recently, still feel compellingly summery. We want to get out and socialise and clink glasses with friends.
It’s part of Nature’s estival conspiracy of abundance which we see illustrated everywhere we look by lush vegetation. The perfume of flowers is on the night air.
The season dictates an allegro tempo, to which we dance faster and faster until we reach the crescendo when shopping malls shut down on Christmas Eve, and we stumble home with our booty and collapse.
At this time, the best laid yoga practice plans probably didn’t develop the way we wanted them to. Our commitment to leading a balanced life was once again foiled. Oh well, with any luck we signed up for that January “Intensive” to get back on track.
If you’re suffering various stresses in the lead-up to Finally-Being-Able-To Let-It-All-Go, in other words, holidays, I couldn’t do better than recommending to you Eve Johnson’s post today from Five-Minute Yoga site linked here.

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