The Divine Feminine Conference November 26 & 27 was a source of joy to me and, I would say, to many of the women in attendance.
The first presentation on the first day was a slow simmer even though Diane Riley was speaking passionately about her area of expertise – Tantra. I think the women in attendance, myself included had trouble shifting gears from our everyday lives of workers, mothers, wives, daughters to being there totally for ourselves.
By the end of that first day, and especially with the superb session Denise Cook gave on “Intimacy in Relationship”, we all were starting to cook.
Sunday kicked off thoughtfully and expertly with Petrea King’s talk on the healing potential of crises in our lives. Petrea is authentic and effective as a presenter, but I really felt her healing power in the guided meditation she led us in. Her meditation was a chance for us to embrace our inner child and inner adolescent with the love and acceptance of our powerful adult womanhood.
My absolute favourite of the conference was the talk/investigation by Swami Satyadharma about kundalini and its relationship to the Divine Feminine. I wish I had recorded her words, not only because they were cogent and inspiring, but her delivery was so beautiful for its humble and inclusive manner.
By the end of Sunday afternoon, we women had connected deeply, through a strong, common vibration, like a singing meditation bowl. Although we came to the conference in an assortment of sizes, shapes, ages and walks of life, there was/is so much more that’s similar about women than different.
I can’t wait till the Divine Feminine 2012, and it would be a special treat if you joined in, too!

Helping Hands