To Plan or Not to Plan

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- to plan or not to plan

Padmasana On A Rock

One of the age-old question about doing yoga practice is whether you should have a program that you strictly follow or should you just wing it and follow where your intuition leads you.
I was thinking about this very thing in my early morning practice. The advantage of following along a set sequence is that you don’t have to think too long and deeply about what will ensue. Also, if you are that way inclined you have a record of what you’ve done and you can chart your progress.
What did I do today? I just went with what I though my body needed in a kind of all-round practice of warming up, standing poses, supported backbends, inversions, twists, forward bend and pranayama. It felt just right.
But this is more unusual for me. I’m usually a planner and that includes often having a lesson written down for a class that I’m going to teach (but not always) .
In fact, for the session I’m leading at the Divine Feminine Conference in Sydney next weekend, I’m rehearsing the whole thing a week out.
I want to make sure the participants get good value.
Here’s an interesting and different approach from the old hand Eric Schiffman, author of the book Moving Into Stillness. In this youtube video, he talks about going “on-line” to discover what sort of practice to do, meaning following your instinct. He’s a relaxed, amusing speaker and the video is called something like “And You’re Paying For This? Click here to view.
- to plan or not to plan

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