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Summer Wet

- today


Sometimes Nature is right in your face.
This morning at seven o’clock, the forest, meadows and garden were all saturated wet earth.
Visually lush green growing before your very eyes. Viscerally the atmosphere heavy, thickened , where you can only breath in so much richness before getting overwhelmed. And, the air sits on you like a second skin.
Five or six different bird songs: eastern rosellas with sweet piping, junior maggies mewling annoyingly, and somewhere a pheasant coo-cal family doing hoot and response – their abreviated version of kirtan.
This is my favourite time of year, the ripening season as we move toward the solstice. We are so blessed this year to have had regular rain. Even us rookies are growing a veggie garden.
Noticing and appreciating it all is good yoga practice.
(Here’s a little tidbit that Lindy kindly sent me. Click here to enjoy what she calls Dharana.)

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it, Eve. Shows the importance of “sticking” to one’s practice, eh.


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