Years ago, I saw Robert Redford in a film playing the role of a middle-aged man. In real life he was much older, but somehow he was debonair and good-looking enough to look like a good match for his younger female lead. That is, until he moved; he was rather stiff in his body, but it really showed up when he couldn’t turn his neck.
Yogis often will look younger than their years because their posture is naturally upright and their movements are fluid. It may take months or even years to iron out bad postural habits, including having treatment for old injuries or for correcting muscle weaknesses and asymmetries. But our bodies are plastic enough that they can be restored, and what better investment in your future can you make?
When your yoga teacher is correcting your alignment in class, listen up and take on board the coaching. Ask for explanations if you don’t understand what the feedback means. It’s very difficult to see yourself in poses, especially where your backbone is involved because it is out of sight.
If you are a keen student or a yoga teacher, you might want to check out a useful article about yoga and good posture on the American Yoga Journal website link.