Of Compost and Compostions

Nov 9, 2011 | Being a writer, Gardening, Nature | 1 comment

Do writing and gardening have anything in common?
I think they do. I’ve spent my spare moments today here at my keyboard hammering out the “About Us” page of a new website about to be launched. Then when my elevated shoulders and computer neck needed saving, I went out to one of our vegetable patches to weed, hoe, and whip it into shape.
Writing and gardening both require:

  • Seeds or at least the germ of an idea
  • Materials and tools
  • Doing groundwork – Digging or research
  • Tenacious hard work – whether mental, emotional or physical
  • Weeding, pruning or editing
  • Great patience
Sometimes you’ll achieve a bountiful crop as a result of your efforts. And, other times, an ill wind, hailstorm, or rejection letter flattens your hopes. 
With a live-and-learn approach, you will keep trying and ultimately triumph against pests, inclement weather and even writer’s block.
- of compost and compostions


1 Comment

  1. Yes Eve Friend – this is a very good analogy and I’ve always thought gardening teaches us faith & patience and it must also be with writing 🙂


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