How to Put on a Yoga Retreat: Part Two

Oct 6, 2011 | Nature, Yoga Media, Yoga teaching  | 2 comments

Advertising and Promotion
Once you’ve gotten the basic information you need for advertising your yoga retreat, make up a flier. Here’s what pioneer advertising executive Leo Burnett says your promotional material should do:
“Say to people: ‘Here’s what we’ve got. Here’s what it will do for you. And, here’s how to get it.'”
Along with your text, you’ll want to include an enticing photo of your venue. Then, get your flier out to the relevant people in your data base, onto “Events” on your Facebook, and create a Twitter link. Email your yoga colleagues to ask whether they might let you place flyers at their yoga studios and/or on their notice boards. They will happily do this, I’ve found, out of good will and reciprocity.
I’ve noticed yoga teachers are heralding their workshop well in advance these days. Many have, even at this early date, started flagging 2014 workshops and retreats. We’re all so busy these days that the only way we’ll have time for a break next year is to mark out those dates in our diaries right now.
To advertise early, you can put a blurb on Yoga Australia Association’s email “notice board”, for instance, or on The good thing is that once you have your advertising organised, you have done most of the work and you can relax until closer to the time of the event.
If you advertise an early bird special rate at a good enough discount, you’ll get a core of participants that guarantee you can go ahead with the retreat.
In the weeks leading up to the retreat, if it looks like you will have some vacancies, re-send your promotional material and talk the event up in your classes. The point is everyone needs a retreat, but not everyone will get there (especially first-timers) without a little encouragement from you.
- how to put on a yoga retreat: part two

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  1. Hello Eve, I randomly looked up ” how to put on a yoga retreat” and WOW here you are! I use to come to a few of your yoga classes in crows nest in like 2006/2007 ( with Lucy ). I am now a yoga & pilates teacher in North Carolina, and want to go FULL throttle with it! I am looking to hold my first Yoga retreat soon here in NC. Thanks for all your knowledge & stay connected.

    • Hey Sandy,
      What a great way to connect – through the internet – and a delightful surprise. I wish you every success with Savvy Soul Yoga and your retreat. Once you’ve completed it, send along any hints for other teachers and I’ll put your comments on this blog.
      Kind regards, and Namaste!


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