Hope for Yoga Teacher Trainees

Sep 27, 2011 | Being a writer, Wisdom, Yoga Media, Yoga teaching  | 2 comments

Brook McCarthy has written useful advice for yoga teachers in her recent e-newsletter. Basing her comments on the premise that are so many yoga teacher trainees being churned out of the many programs available, she suggests the market will be soon saturated and teachers will not be able to make a living out of just teaching. Her solution? Diversify. Take up writing and speaking. Become a teacher trainer or mentor. Or, “go hard and narrow”, as Brook describes it. In other words, find your yoga teaching niche, based on your area of expertise, whether it be Yoga for Golfers or Yoga in Utero. I agree that there is every reason for finding new ways to spread the yoga word At the same time, I don’t think this ancient system will ever run out of steam. There will always be a need for yoga teachers, just there has been for millennia. I subscribe to the idea that the more teachers there are, the more their passion and inspiration will draw numbers of people to yoga. Who would have thought  in the early nineties, when the yoga wave was starting to build up steam, that yoga would be taught on the Internet or you could do yoga by listening to mp3 files? Who could have imagined that we teachers would be marketing our workshops and retreats through 140 character Tweets. There seems to be something inherent in yoga for releasing creativity as evidenced by all the derivatives of this age old discipline, and even within one traditional style of yoga, there as many voices as there are individuals teaching it. Brook is a good example of someone walking their talk and creating a niche for herself through her yoga marketing business. She’s also a darn good coach, and I can recommend her to you from my experience.

- hope for yoga teacher trainees



  1. Aww shucks! You’ve made me blush. So kind, Eve, thanks.
    x Brook

    • You deserve it!


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