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I thought it a good idea to modify my position on computer technology just slightly after yesterday’s enthusiastic rave about my new iPad keyboard.
Electronic gadgets can be addictive for certain kinds of obsessive personalities – like mine. Maybe yours too?
There was a cartoon that appeared in an Australian yoga calendar a few yeas back depicting a yogini “resting” in Viparita Karani (legs-up-the-wall), arms loosely overhead with a mobile phone in her hand. Way too close to the bone!
My cute iPhone rests on my bedside table overnight so I can look at it first thing in morning and last thing in the evening. I check the weather forecast, any late breaking news, and, of course, email. Reading email first thing can easily be an alley to go down that diverts from my yoga practice time.
Better if I put a fence around my practice that can’t be jumped by emails, sms’s or phone calls. Remarkably, these all can wait in a queue.
I read about a great idea today relating to unplugging: consider taking a day or a weekend off from the computer.*
Why do that? 1) Well, very little of importance comes through between Saturday night and Monday morning anyway. 2) It’s potentially restful and liberating to unplug, and 3) it gives more time for in-person connections, or any other enjoyable activities.
*Yoga For Computer Users: Healthy Necks, Shoulders, Wrists and Hands in the Post Modern Age
by Sandy Blaine


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